Welcome to

the American International School of Gothenburg, Sweden!

Welcome to the banquet of lifelong learning!

At AISG, we are committed to the belief that every student is a Very Important Person; and the quality of every student’s present and future can be greatly enhanced by the quality of his or her education. As educators, welcoming every student to the banquet of lifelong learning is our most essential duty. Every student is entitled to feel a sense of welcome and belonging in his or her school community, an acknowledgement that he or she is a Very Important Person there. This is the student-centered organizing principle of everything we do here.

This focus on every student’s success – and especially on every student’s sense of belonging – informs the decisions of our whole school community, inviting and encouraging students, teachers, parents, board members, and other community members to work together in support of that goal.

Engaging students by honoring their questions and encouraging their curiosity, we espouse inquiry-based learning. This means guiding students to understand and take ownership of their own learning, while providing them with access to a balanced, comprehensive curriculum that will equip them for happy and productive 21st century global citizenship. 


Dr Margaret , PhD